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The Story of Ms. May's Collection

Ms. May's Collection was founded in 2021 by Meagan Juric. Although, she has created her entire life and has always had a love for art, photography and anything creative, resin art was something that resonated differently. The main purpose behind the creative process was to promote an outlet for mental health through art therapy, which taught her patience, control, problem solving and the love for her natural God given gift.  While pushing herself to exceed her creative threshold she cultivated a luxury art collection that has captivated the local art community in Houston. To her success she managed to debut her art for the first time publicly at her first art exhibit in August of 2022 at Creative Art Studios. She has blessed others with original custom pieces on a consistent basis since. As she continues to grow her skill through art therapy, she prays that each piece brings peace to the people that collect as they have done her to create them. Each Piece will have a wax seal and drippings that are unique to every one. No piece is exactly alike nor can it be replicated. Find peace in knowing that your artwork is as unique to you as you are to the world. 

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Roman Sculpture
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